Small Rules That Create A Difference

Online craps provides different set of experiences to its players in different modes. If they are playing in an online slots tournament, then they have to be vary of rules in accordance to the tournament, which are quite different than the ones in a straightforward game against the house.

The perfect way of testing different rules of online craps is to go to an online casino which offers:

Strategy guides about online craps Tips and Tricks related to online craps And an in-depth analysis of rules of online craps tournaments / single matches against the house

The game starts with the throwing of dice and if the outcome in any case is the number 7 or 11, you simply win. However, if your outcome is 2,3 or 12, then this situation is known as "Craps" and you lose. Other than that, there are numbers such as 4,5,6,8,9 and 10 which become your point numbers. In the next roll you are supposed to have the same result (similar to your point roll) in order to win.

There are different bets in online craps, such as:

Come Bet / Don't Come Bet Pass Line Bet / Don't Pass Line Bet Place Bets

Always take extreme caution before depositing huge sums of money in online craps tournament. In case of tournament, there is a huge sum of money which is at stake and also there are a lot of dirt cheap websites which tend to just vanish after players have made their deposits.

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